Sex Wax!?!?!?!

Kayla Hernandez, Editor

Surfers will probably know what I’m talking about when I mention Mr. Zog’s and Nate Skinner’s production called Sex Wax. Mr. Zog

and chemist Skinner first produced Sex Wax in 1972. Sex Wax is actually just wax made for surfboards! Surfers use this wax on our surfboards to have a better grip on our hands and feet so we can stay on the surfboard when catching a wave. Without it, surfers have a hard time getting and staying on our boards since we slide off of the smooth surfaces of surfboards so easily.

However, when getting Sexwax, you have to know the difference between the different types. Hank Pitcher made this easy by making certain colors for certain types of Sex Wax. The reason Pitcher made certain color packages for certain sets of Sex Wax is because certain ones have certain uses. For instance, the blue one is made to be the base coat and is mostly used for tropical weather. The blue packaged Sex Wax is also extra hard and tougher, making it harder for the wax to break down and stay longer on yo

ur surfboard! On the other hand, the green packaged Sexwax is used for cooler weather and has to be applied more often than the blue packaged wax. It is also the top layer that you apply after applying the blue packaged wax. What makes it even easier for people to be able to tell the difference is that it also

has the information I just provided on the back of these packages letting customers know which is used for what.

When I first got my surfboa

rd and the different types of Sex Wax to go with it, they worked pretty well. I was able to have a wicked grip on the surfboard and made learning how to surf a little easier. Just make sure to wash your surfboard off of any sand after surfing because you don’t want to accidentally wax your surfboard and have sand stick to it like mine.