Greys Anatomy/T.V. Show Review

Dulce Castillo, Contributor


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Grey’s Anatomy is a T.V. shows that includes; Medical drama, Romantic drama, Ensemble drama and Dark comedy. Which first aired on March 27,2005 created by Shonda Rhimes. Since this show has started there have been an overall of 369 episodes as well as having a total of 17 seasons and they are still making more episodes to add into season 18 which just started and you can watch it on ABC (KABC). 

I have indeed already watched all the 17 seasons and my real honest opinion is that throughout all 17 seasons there have been times where I cried, laughed, been scared for the characters as if I were them and I to say that I have never been so invested in a T.V. show. At first seeing the trailer and reading what it was about I thought it was going to be a boring hospital show where all they do is talk about medical care. It did talk about medical care and it also talked about surgeries but they didn’t put it in as a boring way to talk about medical care. Shonda Rhimes made me be so invested into trauma, brain surgeries, Cardiothoracic, colorectal, pediatric, plastic, and transplant surgeries. Not only does it show the surgeries it also shows you that person’s life and what happened that caused their problem. Not only does this show talk about surgeries and medical care, this show teaches you lessons and it talks about caring for other people and how to take risks. One of my favorite sayings is “If you aren’t willing to keep looking for light in the darkest of places without stopping, even when it seems impossible, you will never succeed.” -Amelia Shepherd, Season 11 Episode 11. This show also talks about the main surgeons and their lives and the most talked about is Merideth Grey who is a general surgeon just like how her mother was one. As well as each episode always has you wondering what is going to happen next or it’ll have you trying to figure out why something happened. There is so much more that I want to add into this review but the thing is, if I do it may spoil some parts of the season all I have left to say is if you are willing to watch it be prepared to get attached to the show.