The Ups and Downs of Gaming

Roen Encarnacion Jr., Contributor

Can you identify the advantages and disadvantages of video games?


In 2021, there are 2.81 billion gamers and some of them are earning money- which is a huge plus- by playing, while there are others who have mental health issues and health problems.

Nonetheless, there are positive effects of playing games and include having healthy brain stimulation, development of problem-solving skills, and stress relief. Many professional players are competing internationally and have a career and salary for playing video games they enjoy.


On the other hand, as gaming continues to expand, many people are experiencing mental health issues and similar problems regarding it, which goes as far as people taking their own lives. Playing video games can be toxic and result in relationship issues, exposure to toxic gaming environments, social disconnection, and lack of motivation. 


In terms of stats, playing too many hours of video games can end up in bad side effects. The healthy balance of gaming is you can bond with your friends with games, you can lessen the stress you get every day. The bad effects of playing video games are having bad eyesight, can cause you fatigue, and headache.