Interviewing My Aunt About Her Teen Pregnancy

Jazmin Alcala , Contributor

3 out of 10 teens all over the world get pregnant at least once a year. There are at least 750,000 teens that get pregnant a year. To get a better understanding of this,  I interviewed my aunt who had 3 children as a teenager and an adult. 

Q1: How old were you when you found out you were pregnant?

A1: “I was fifteen.”

Q2: What grade were you in when you were pregnant?

A2: “I was in 9th grade.”

Q3: What was your reaction and how did you feel when you found out? 

A3: “I was happy and nervous but scared as well because I was so young and my life had changed.”

Q4: When and where did you find out? 

A4: “I went to the doctor and they told me I was pregnant.”

Q5: How did you tell your parents you were pregnant, and what was their reaction?

A5: “I told my mom at church; she was shocked and my dad didn’t know until I was 6 months, but he was happy.”

Q6: Did your parents support you?

A6: “No…I moved out, started working at an office, and went to school.”

Q7: How did school come along while you were pregnant?

A7: “I went to the teen parent program my junior year. I got all my credits and finished early.”

Q8: What were your friends’ reactions to being pregnant? Were you the only one?

A8: “They were surprised but supportive and a lot of girls were pregnant when I was.”

Q9: How were you doing physically and mentally during the pregnancy? 

A9: “I was young so I was healthy and active.”

Q10: How was your labor?

A10: “I had natural drug-free labor, but I had low oxygen And struggled to push. My son was lifeless for about a minute or two. I was so tired from pushing and just remembered my son being blue. I was so scared.”

Q11: After having your first child how was it like?

A11: “It was different…but I loved being a mom. My son was my world, nothing mattered.”

Q12: What were your struggles with having a child at a young age?

A12: “ Honestly, I didn’t have any struggles. My mother-in-law helped me out with my son.”

Q13: Did anyone support you during and after your pregnancy?

A13: “My husband’s family helped me out after my pregnancy.”

Q14: Did you graduate high school? 

A14: “Yes.”

Q15: After high school, what were your plans, and what did you do?

A15: “I wanted to move to Paris and study there. But that didn’t happen, my plans changed and so I had to work. I did go to college and got my degree in paralegal studies.”

Q16: Lastly, what was the most joyful part of having a child? 

A16: “Being a mother and receiving that unconditional love from your baby that nobody can take away from you.”