My Top 5 Netflix show to binge-watch


  • Grey’s Anatomy- Medical Drama

The 16 seasons medical drama revolved around Meridith Grey and fellow surgeons is a great show to watch if your into drama, suspense, medical storylines, love interest, rivalry, etc. This show has it all! This show begins with a team of five medical interns and their advisors hoping to make it as surgeons just like their superiors. Along the way, however, are many traumatic experiences, and losses as they grow and learn together to the top of the medical field.

  • Jane the Virgin- Romantic Comedy-Drama

This  5 season series is so crazy!! Revolving around the 23-year-old Latina Virgin Jane Villanueva. The  English telenovela begins when Jane becomes pregnant due to artificial insemination. Guess what?! The doctor who inseminated her is janes soon to be sister in law! A pregnant virgin; I know crazy, right? This turn of events turns Jane’s world upside down and not only her world but her relationship with her fiance. The baby daddy Rafael is a rich hotel owner, which is the same hotel Jane works for. Throughout the story, Rafael and Jane seem to fall for each other. This leaves Jane to deal with Rafael’s crazy wife Petra. Jane struggles to choose between her fiance or the father of her child. This show is a must-watch.

  • The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez-  Documentary (based on a true story)

Although this series only has one season, it has a big impact. This series focuses on the life of Gabriel Fernandez–a boy who was abused his whole life and was horrifically killed at only 8 years old by his parents. It does not only show and explain the struggles in his life such as being locked in cabinets overnight, starved, and beaten, but it shows justice through court for the sweet boy. The six-week trial is documented where we see both his parents tried separately as well as members of child protective services for failing to protect the child.

Just a disclaimer: if you are triggered easily or sensitive to acts of abuse/violence, this may not be the series for you.

  • Supernatural- Action, Adventure, Mystery, Horror Fiction, Drama

After losing their mother to supernatural forces, the brothers Sam and Dean are raised to be hunters by their father. Hungry for vengeance, the boys follow in their dad steps and travel all around the world fighting demons, gosht, angles, monsters, and all supernatural forces. Leaving their old lives behind to live on the road fighting the most mysterious demonic creatures. Saving people, hunting things is their motto. Saving the world on multiple occasions and losing friends along the way is the life of a hunter. This show has 15 seasons, so if you looking to binge-watch during quarantine, this is for you.

  • The Walking Dead- Horror Fiction

It’s the end of the world and sheriff Rick Grimes is determined to find his wife and son. Left to die in the hospital, Rick wakes to a zombie apocalypse. Rick learns to adapt and becomes a leader. As he losses people along the way, he also gains. However, the dead are not his only problem. Rivalries against other formed groups/communities and the fight for resources is tough. Fighting to find a home and survive the end of the world. If you are into crazy action and thriller shows, this is the series for you. So much happens along the way. This is a great binge-watch 9 season show.