Interviewing My Mom About Pregnancy


Brianna Flores, Contributor

People all over the world have become pregnant and had a child, but no one can ever really know what it feels like and how to handle it unless they have been through it themselves.UNICEF estimates that at least 130 million babies are born each year. Many women get pregnant for the first time between 27-31. However,  pregnancies are also common as a teen. According to 3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year.

To get a better understanding, I will be interviewing my mom who has had three children including as a teen and an adult


Q1: When did you have your first baby ad how did you feel about it?

A1: “I had my first child at 15 years old and it was very scary. I was on my own; my mom kicked me out I was working for just minimum wage, but I knew I had to have her and that it would be hard but I could do it.” 


Q2: Did you have children after that? If, so how many and at what age?

A2: “Yes, I had two more children after my first. I had my second at 21 and my third at 27.”


Q3: How did having a child so young affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally?

A3: “My body was exhausted having to adapt and not even have a break of rest after birth. Also, being so young, I struggled with the way I looked I didn’t feel confident. As for emotionally, I was confused I felt overwhelmed I was still a kid but at the same time, my children brought so much joy into my life.”


Q4: How did it feel being pregnant?

A4:” My first pregnancy was very difficult because I was trying to hide the fact I was pregnant from my parents. I didn’t have morning sickness or anything like that. My other pregnancy was filled with joy and love and support I loved carting my babies but by far the hardest was my third having, morning sickness, and midnight cravings and swollen feet, and all of that!”


Q5: What was the hardest part of being pregnant and have a baby?

A5: “The hardest part by far had to be giving birth and the recovery process.”


Q6: What was the most joyful/memorable part of having a child?

A6: “The most joyful had to be holding all three of my children for the first time after carrying them for a long nine months.”