Top 5 Most Dangerous Cults

Brenda Garcia, Contributor

Order of the Solar Temple

According to Los Angeles Times,” there were 16 deaths in this cult. Only three children died in this cult. Most deaths were by murder but some were suicide. It is believed to have been a ritual as the bodies were in a star formation.    

The Children of God

According to  The Guardian this group was formed in 1968 by a group of runaway teens who, under the direction of David Berg, an evangelical preacher, devoted themselves to the worship of Jesus Christ and promiscuous sex.It’s documented that Berg had a tendency for incest and witnesses testified that child rape did occur in this cult. “Berg’s philosophy, which he called the Law of Love, was a blend of Christian dogma and the free love ideals of the 1960s’ sexual revolution.” “The Law of Love is a doctrine that’s meant to justify and conceal sexual exploitation,” Young says. to God.”Michael Young was someone who grew up with the church since he was little and has witnessed the exploitation.

Unification Church

According to The New York Times, this church had a man who was a self-proclaimed Messiah. The man was named Sun Myung Moon who claimed that  “Jesus appeared to him and anointed him God’s choice to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.” Thus, the Unification Church was established. It was notable for its mass weddings and links to vast commercial interests. According to David G. Bromley, a professor of sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University, “at least 400 of the church’s flock were abducted by their family members to undergo ‘deprogramming,’” but the church denied this. 


This group claimed to be a self-help organization but did more harm than good. They left real permanent scars on their victims as the women had to go through an initiation. According to The New York Times, the women would be branded.  It doesn’t just end there, the co-leader Allison Mack is now in custody for the charges of extortion, forced labor, and sex trafficking.

Tree of Life

This sect was founded in Russia before expanding throughout the world under other names. The organization forbade its followers from informing themselves. They weren’t allowed on social media and were kept in the dark. Numerous people have died because they weren’t allowed to see a doctor or go to a hospital. Source: MSN