Why is Street Racing Illegal? 


Eduardo Posadas Gonzalez, Contributor

What is street racing? Street racing is an act of two vehicles trying to beat one another on the street. For example, two vehicles can be going head to head on the freeway, a highway, or even in a neighborhood, and the goal is to be the first to the finish line or be ahead of the other driver within 20 seconds, and that’s considered a win. The reason why people participate in street racing is because it’s free, there are no regulations on what your car can or cannot have, and you can socialize with other drivers about their builds. 

Some cons of street racing are.” It’s illegal because people who don’t pay attention get hit, also some people don’t know what to do when their car gets out of control and crash into a tree or another car. There are about 399 deaths per year in street racing of street ”takeovers.” This data includes passengers who are killed as well. Although this could be really exciting to hear that turbo flutter in that  Supra, it is very dangerous to street race, especially if you don’t know how to handle a car at its top speed.

Information source: https://www.wisemantriallaw.com/blog/2012/september/why-is-street-racing-illegal-/