How Safe is Halloween 2020?


Luis Cardenas, Contributor

Some of the popular outfits that we are going to be seeing this Halloween are going to be inspired by some of our favorite video games, movies, and TV shows. One of the outfits people are going to be seeing for some of their first times is going to be the Among Us Crewmate, which is from a video game called Among Us. The primary task of the Crewmate is to finish tasks while not being killed by the Imposter and to find out who is the Imposter/s. Another outfit we might be seeing this Halloween is the Spongebob costume since the TV show is still one of the best shows on Nickelodeon and is still releasing new episodes Sadly, the creator of Spongebob Stephen Hillenburg passed away on November 26, 2018, at the age of 57 due to complications from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at his home in Southern California.     

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people’s plans were canceled including traveling, watching concerts, and for some people, graduating school. A lot of people have been asking if Halloween is going to be canceled and the answer is no, but this year is going to look different than previous years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that trick-or-treating would be a higher risk than other ways of celebrating. The CDC listed activities in three categories: Higher risk, Moderate Risk, and Low risk. Pumpkin Carving with your household family is considered low risk, while trick-or-treating or going into crowded haunted houses were listed as Higher risk.      

There are ways to minimize risks such as avoiding indoor gatherings and large groups, and the use of face masks (not costume masks). You can also leave baskets of candy outside your home, having kids wear gloves and carry hand sanitizer, and keeping people and other gatherings outdoors socially distanced. You could set out pool noodles or other markers so children have visual markers for the prescribed six feet of distance. Another thing you can do if you’re going to have visitors is to open windows and doors open for ventilation. You can gather with a small group of 10 or fewer people for a costume show or outdoor gathering with masks and social distancing.