Lights Out Movie Review


Kayvon Mosby, Contributor

One of my favorite horror movies of all time is Lights Out. This was my first ever scary movie that I watched back when I was a freshman. It might not look scary at first, but I guaranteed after you watch it you’ll never turn your lights off ever again.

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This movie is about a girl named Rebecca who was experiencing some things with little brother Martin and her boyfriend Brett when their mother was “going crazy”. Her mother has a “friend” named Diana who was dead, but came back. She has a condition where she is sensitive the light, so when you turn off the lights she appears and disappear when there’s light. She will killed and disfigure anyone who helps Sophie.

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After multiple encounters, they all find a way to get rid of her. They all ridged the place with lights to keep it as bright as possible, but that was useless as Diana cut off all the power in the city. Brett was attacked by her and call the cops. Again it was pointless she killed the police and you can’t physically hurt either.

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Diana would even go as far as trying to kill Rebecca before Sophie, their mother, intervene. She committed suicide since there’s no Diana without her. With Diana finally vanquished and Sophie killed he felt grief but relieved that Diana is finally gone.

Overall this was a great movie and I would definitely recommend it to any scary movie fans out there. The whole concept was very creative of how some people are scared of the dark. As Diana said before, “KEEP THE LIGHTS, OUT!”.

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