Community College

Community College

Syerra Rodriguez , Editor

There are many community colleges here in California, but there’s only a few that are near by that high school students decide to go to. Most of the high school students decide to go to a community college to stay near their family and friends. Other students decide to go to a university just depending on what school they want to go to and what they want to pursue with there life.

Students that decide to go to a community thinks about the cost of tuition, the flexible schedule they’ll have in case they want to get a part time job, they also think further ahead of their education and there transitions to another college or university.

The community colleges that most high school students go to are Oxnard College, Ventura College, and Moorpark College.

High School students that decide to go to these schools are doing it to make a college plan, to have a back up plan or to stay near family. Each school receives thousands of students a year that are all full time students. These students are the ones who want to push their education. Each college counselor pushes their college students to do better and to always have a back up plan.

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