How High School Went For Me?

Syerra Rodriguez, Editor

I attended Hueneme High school for all four years. Walking into the school, I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go or be. I was very nervous thinking about the fact that I was going to be a freshman in High School. As my first day of High school went, I went to school with a lot of my friends from middle school and a few elementary schools that I had attended while growing up. During freshman year I was able to join the water polo and swim team. I was on both teams for freshman and sophomore year. I loved the sports, I enjoyed seeing my friends and family cheering me on as I played the sports I discovered that I love. Going to Hueneme has taught me a lot, it’s taught me that even though you call people your friends, you’ll be finding new ones that are going to be there even after High School and support your future dreams and goals. Throughout High School I would always tell my friends that I’m going to become something big. Now that High School has came to an end I’m planning to go to a community collage to get my generals out of the way, then going to study to become a social worker. I decided to study to become a social worker because growing up I experienced a life that I wouldn’t want other children or teens to experience. Every child deserves to enjoy their life and make something of it and the children that I want to help live a better life, I would love to see hem set goals and accomplish them.

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