Ramiro Avila , Conductor

  The coronavirus is something really big that has never happened. It all just started in China but now it’s spread across the world. Most people may think it’s a joke or something but that’s not right. This coronavirus is making me feel upset because there are people dying and also because we aren’t allowed to go out or be able to do anything involving a lot of people because of this. We should all see together and help each other out, because as long as we all stick together we can figure out a way on how the coronavirus has started. I do believe though that some people are taking this out of hand and stocking up on supplies that aren’t necessary. For example when I had gone to the store for toilet paper it was such a struggle just because of the panic some people are having. I also find it unfair that I had gone to several stores to find baby wipes for my girlfriend’s baby brother. That is what makes me the most upset is just the fact that some people are stocking up on necessities other people actually use but on the bright side there people out here such as doctors and scientists that are trying to figure a cure for coronavirus. The government is asking us to stay home for them to figure out where it’s coming from but it makes it difficult when some have something to do or somewhere to go but then that’s why I think they’re taking more longer because people are still out there moving around as to not following the law. In our houses we should all make a game plan like to see what we can do and other stuff I won’t be able to. While this is my opinion I do believe and have faith that this will be over.