Four Different Types Of Butterflies


Marisol Gonzalez, contributor

Moon Dust

The moon dust butterfly has been extinct in Great Britain since 1925. The moon dust butterfly was one of Sir Winston Churchill’s favorite.  He tried to reintroduce the beautiful species to Southern England where it used to develop earlier times.

Yellow white

What the yellow butterfly represents is guidance and it also is a sign of hope. Also, the yellow butterfly can symbolize a sunny and bright summer ahead. If you see a yellow butterfly it represents joy and creativity. Whenever you’re not having a good day and see a yellow butterfly it bring you happiness and prosperity. In many cultures, the yellow butterfly represents new life. In the ancient culture whenever a sailor encounter meant that they would die in there voyage. Also, the butterfly could be a warning to be cautious.


Each fall the monarch butterflies leave their summer breeding in the Northeastern U.S. Every spring the adult monarch butterflies head north from their winter. The monarch butterfly will continue to reduce throughout the U.S and Southern Canada. The monarch butterflies can travel as 100 miles a day during 3,000-mile migration South. When the monarch has hatched it will only live for approximately 2-6 weeks. Also, the monarch butterfly has bright colors serve as a warning to predators that they are poisonous, and they should attack at their own risk.

Blue morpho

The blue morpho butterflies aren’t actually colored blue. The tetrahedral shape top of the butterfly wings reflects light in such a way that we see it colored blue. The blue morpho butterflies have multiple predator defenses. The undersides of the butterfly wings are covered in shades of brown, red, black, and grey. What this resembles are the color and patterning of foliage and helps with camouflage. 


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