5 things to avoid putting in your body


Jesus Castellanos, contributor

5 things to avoid putting in your body will be listed below:

  1. Drugs– you shouldn’t put drugs in your body because they are bad for your lungs and health as well. Drugs make a change in your organism’s physiology and psychology when consumed in your body. Consuming drugs can give you lung cancer.
  2. candy bars– These are bad for you because eating candy daily can provide you with large amounts of unhealthy substances, like sugars and fats. Eating too many sugars can lead to diabetes.
  3. processed meat– Processed meat is bad for your body because it contains a lot of chemicals and it is not good for fresh meat. Eating processed meat over the years or decades can cause diseases, especially cancer. Some processed meats are beef jerky, sausages, salami, ham, bacon, smoked meat, canned meat, and hotdogs. All those are processed meats and they contain very bad chemicals.
  4. High-calorie C0fffee – consuming a lot of coffee can make your teeth turn brown. The caffeine that the coffee contains can make you not get any sleep. The caffeine can make you want more sugars in certain individuals. Also, coffee can make you reduce your appetite. Drinking coffee with caffeine may reduce levels of the hunger hormone which is called Ghrelin.
  5. Sugary Drinks– Large amounts of sugars can turn into fat in your liver. Sugary drinks may be the leading Dietary cause of type 2 Diabetes. Also, sugary drinks may increase Heart disease Risk. People who drink soda have a higher risk of Cancer. By drinking a lot of sugary drinks, it can give the dental health office a disaster because of all the cavities in your teeth.

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