What is inside a Paintball


Cesar Rangel, contributor

Most people think that paintballs are made with paint, yet they are actually made with water-soluble and biodegradable ingredients. At first, they were made with real paint but had a different use other than the sport. They had used the paintballs to identify trees and cattle. They became less relevant but made a come back in the late 1980s. In order to help the environment, many scientists and or specialists made “paintballs” made up of Mineral Oils, Calcium, Ethylene Glycol, Iodine, and Food Coloring.  The outer shell of the paintball is made the same way they make liquid pills. Paintballs can be shot at 300 fps (Feet Per Second). When hit with one of them, it leaves a red circle or welt, especially if you have insufficient padding.  They also can do major damage in you are hit in the face with one, that is why wearing the mask given to you is always the number one rule everywhere you go.


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