Lawsuit Against Oxnard Over Measure B


Kimberly Garcia, Contributor

A measure for Oxnard’s March ballot has the city manager and a critic of Oxnard’s City Hall butting heads. Alex Nguyen, city manager, believes that Measure B, also known as the Government Accountability and Ethics Act, is necessary to establish more clarity between the city and to prevent a continuation of previous underhanded management.

The City Hall critic who attempted to recall four City Council members back in 2018, Aaron Starr, thinks that the measure infringes on his First Amendment right to free speech, and that the city is exhausting funds by standing by it; Starr has filed a federal lawsuit against Oxnard over some sections of Measure B.

Measure B is made up of four separate sections: campaign finance, disclosure of city contracts, the prohibiting of gifts, and term limits. Starr is suing Oxnard over the sections regarding the gift ban and campaign contributions. According to him, the limitations breach free speech rights and don’t combat corruption.

The League of Women Voters of Ventura County will host a debate regarding Measure B on Wednesday, February 12, so that those voting on March 3rd will have a better understanding of the Measure. Both the city government and Starr will be able to assign two representatives to argue their opinions on the matter.

Information Source: Ventura County Star

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