In Memory of Officer Nathan Martin


Christina Grba, Contributor

Officer Nathan Martin was a resource officer here at Hueneme High School. He was a father, a husband, a brother, a friend, and so much more. I personally didn’t know Officer Martin, but we said our hellos once outside the Winter rally. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about him from the people he worked with and the students he helped. He was a man who cared a lot about his community. He helped make students feel safe at school and made students feel like they were in a safe learning environment. He was funny, kind, and he loved to be a positive role model for the kids at Hueneme High. Although I wasn’t given the privilege of knowing Officer Martin, I know about all the great things he’s done and all the peoples’ hearts that he’s touched. His legacy will live on through his family along with the staff and students at Hueneme High School. -Christina Grba

“I would always remember how Officer Martin came into the gym to shoot some hoops. He could never play a full game. He would always have issues sitting in her chairs because of the narrow armrests because of his gun and holster. We would always make fun of his old police vehicle because it was so run down. Sometimes he’d have to take loaners. One thing about him was his love for McDonald’s iced coffee. He would always be drinking it. That was unique about him.” -Hueneme Staff Member

“He was a funny guy and he never turned anyone down when they needed help, both adults and students. He wouldn’t even turn them away when all they wanted to do was talk. I appreciate how he knew how to make the students feel comfortable. He never said no and was always ready to help. He knew how to talk to the difficult kids and always spoke to them with respect. I also really appreciated how he was very respectful towards students.”-Hueneme Staff Member

“We had this thing where I was going to my office, and he would tell me, “Why are you yelling at me Maria?!” and I would say, that’s just how I talk! It was a joke between us. To me, he wasn’t like a coworker, but more like family. I knew him for 12 years. He was good with the kids, good with the staff, he was just very well-liked. He was a Lakers fan and he liked volleyball. He would help coach the kids in volleyball. He would walk into the gym with his shorts and his white, white, legs haha. We would make fun of his white legs. I am going to miss him.”-Hueneme Staff Member

 “He had a really great smile and he was always really nice. He was really funny too.”-anonymous student

“I remember getting in trouble by him when I was walking down the hall and I was supposed to be in class. He was a cool guy. We’ll miss him.” -anonymous student

“He was funny and cool. Whenever he was working he would look kinda scary with his vest on. He would have such a serious face.”-anonymous student

Although there are only 7 testimonials here, there are way more people who cared a great deal about Officer Martin. It would take more than just an article to express how much of an impact Officer Martin had on the lives of students and staff here at Hueneme. Rest in Peace Officer Nathan Martin. Once a Viking, Always a Viking.