Officer Martin

Ramiro Avila, Contributor


Most students here at Hueneme high school were really close to Officer Martin. Officer Martin always looked up to him. He was the person that you can go up to and talk about your problems or anything you wanna talk about. Officer Martin helped out a lot of people, there are people who are doing good now in school because of him. Officer Martin told them straight up if they didn’t get their things straight it wasn’t going to be good for them in the future.

He was like a second father to some of the students, and the other was their best friends. He loved to spend time with the students here at Hueneme. Most of his time he spent his time at Hueneme he was a guy that really loved this school a lot. Officer Martin was a very great guy, everyone loved him a lot here.

Officer Martin was a very caring person. He cared about everyone here. Always he would be helping out people with everything they need help with.


A teacher told me that he was a great man and was always helping out the community. Officer Martin was a respectful and caring person. He always was there for everyone and had great conversations.

Another teacher told me that he and she were great friends and they always had great conversations. He was an amazing dad and husband. Officer Martin is a person that always took care of people and he was funny. Everything he did for us was amazing.


I had some talks about life and other stuff. He gave me lessons and told me about the real world. He always helped me out in stuff.