In Memory of Officer Nathan Martin

Marisol Gonzalez, contributor

I can’t believe Officer Martin is gone. On Jan 26th I saw him like always, happy and making students smile. To be honest, I really didn’t talk to him, but just looking at how he got along with other students made me feel wonderful. Many of my friends weren’t on good paths and the person that helped them figure out what they wanted to do was Martin. I don’t know what would’ve happened to them if he wasn’t there to help them do good in life. Thanks to Officer Martin, my friends are doing good now. They are really sad that this happened to him. It breaks my heart knowing that he is gone. But I will always remember his laugh and smile he will be missed but never forgotten.- Marisol G

“Thank you, Officer Martin, for keeping HHS safe. You always believed in the students here and always wanted the best for us. I remember when you would go to the gym when I had practice and shoot the ball. You were taken too soon from us. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Once A Viking Always A Viking!”-Hueneme High student 

“It’s wild that I had just walked by you towards the end of the day and we both smiled at each other. You & your charismatic energy made a difference to everyone on campus. You were taken too soon and I and my family’s thoughts and prayers are with your family at this difficult time.” -Hueneme High student 

“Officer Martin was a great guy. My family doesn’t like the cops because they feel unsafe, but with Officer Martin, they felt safe and they could count on him and also with the safety of other students. My and family’s respect goes to Officer Martin and also his family. He will be dearly missed.” -Hueneme High student 

“Officer Nathan was an example of how a man should be. He was outstanding in this community. He was a man of faith. Martin was gracious to others even when they didn’t deserve it. A very skilled at building relationships with kids, being bilingual and not judging others even when they deserve it. He was an example of how a dad should be. He had 3 kids. The last thing he was going to do was go to Camarillo High School to watch his son wrestle. How professional he was and how nice he was even when we didn’t deserve it.” -Hueneme High faculty 

“I was really taken back by the stories so many kids told me about the positive interactions they had with Officer Martin; most of which occurred on his last day on campus. My encounter happened early that morning on January 29th. I had locked myself out of my classroom and was frantically looking for someone who could let me into my room. Remarkably, Martin was walking down my way and asked me if I needed assistance. I told him I was locked out of my room. He indicated he had a key and gladly offered to let me in. As we walked to class, we had a brief time to talk about what keeps us busy after school in which Martin mentioned juggling from different venues between his son and daughter at Cam High, I responded by relating myself having a freshman son and junior daughter in high school. I thanked officer Martin for his kindness and we both agreed that this was one of the best phases in being a dad. Officer Martin’s life and death have made so many significant impacts on the lives of everyone at Hueneme. In my eyes, the beautiful gift he has given us is to love and cherish our family and be kind to everyone you meet.  God bless the martin Family. Thank You for your sacrifice. We will never forget his grace and loving Spirit.”-Hueneme High faculty