In Memoriam of Officer Nathan Martin

Kimberly Garcia, Contributor

Officer Nathan Martin was a school resource officer for Hueneme High School. Recently, he was unfortunately taken from us, as he was hit by a truck after leaving campus. Even though he’s gone, his memory will always stay with us. Here are some testimonials from fellow Vikings about how they feel about the situation, and their thoughts about the situation, as well as memories of Officer Martin.

“I, unfortunately, never had a close connection to Officer Martin. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel somber about this loss. I always heard people talking about how they got along well with him and how he helped them when they were in a dark place. He was definitely an important part of the community, and it’s an absolute shame that we have to let him go. May his memory be a blessing.” -Kimberly Garcia

“You were [everyone’s] hero. You will be dearly missed by everyone [on] this campus. You were a true Viking and an inspiration towards all of us. Your dedication and determination will be missed. Thank you for keeping us safe.” -Anonymous Student

“Officer Martin holds a special place for Hueneme Volleyball. I first met Martin when he walked into practice one afternoon during the boys’ volleyball season. In conversation, I learned that he played for Rio Mesa. When I asked him to prove it, he jumped on the court, police gear and all, and had my setter push the ball to the outside. Martin jumped with the strength of an 18-year-old and slammed the ball down. At this point, everyone in the gym was stopped and in awe of him. We all let out a huge cheer. After that, we would see Martin stop in the gym to hang out with the students. Specifically, he stopped in one afternoon, saw we were playing and said, ‘I’ll be right back.’ Martin came back in, dressed ready to play. It was one of my most memorable practices, as the boys all tried to take Martin, Coach Jason, and Coach Gina on. Obviously, the coaches dominated and the students had a blast playing the afternoon with our campus officer. That’s who Martin was. He truly cared about Hueneme. He made himself available to the students. He learned names, he was Hueneme.” -Hueneme Faculty

“He cared about the kids and wanted to see them thrive and to stay away from the streets. He always made sure we went to class and motivated us to try harder. He helped one of my friends and motivated her to start coming to school more for her education.” -Anonymous Student

“I remember always seeing Officer Martin around campus. He was always smiling and full of joy. It was very shocking when I found out the news. It made me really accept the fact that it was true but I didn’t want to believe it. He will forever be missed, he cared about us very much and so did we. Rest in peace, Officer Martin.” -Anonymous Student

“One thing for sure is that he had real patience for the M.E.C.H.A. students. He was really close to [one of my students] and she definitely struggled, trying to remove herself from the gang life. I admired the heart he had towards her, and one thing I will always believe is that he may be one of the nicest police officers the world may have ever seen.” -Hueneme Faculty