For Officer Martin

Jesus Castellanos, Contributor

Officer Martin, thank you for keeping our school safe and out of danger. You really had a great impact on a lot of the students’ lives. We all admired you because you made some of our students change for the better and to make better choices in our lives. You made some students realize that they were going through the wrong pathway and put them back on track and now they’re ready for graduation. It’s all thanks to you Officer Martin for always talking to them and checking on them. The students and staff, we all loved you. You kept our campus safe for so many years and we all appreciate you for doing that for our school. Once a Viking, always a Viking! Thank you, Officer Martin.

Several students were attached to Officer Martin and here is what some of them said about him, “You were all of our heroes. You will be dearly missed by everyone on this campus. You were a true Viking and inspiration towards us. Your dedication and determination will be missed. Thank you for keeping us safe ” – Student.

Another student said, “I remember seeing Officer Martin every day at the C-street gate after school. It was weird not seeing him there anymore. He always made me feel safe at school, even with all of the school shootings, threats, etc. He was a very kind-hearted man and he will be missed. R.I.P Officer Martin” – Anonymous.

Lastly, a Hueneme student said, “I remember last year that me and Officer Martin had a conversation about what sport I would play. I told him and he said that he’d like to see me play someday. I know he never got to see me play but his words had a big impact on me” – Student.

Officer Martin was the best of us. It showed in the way he cared about our campus and those who came to Hueneme every day to learn. It also was revealed in Nate’s commitment to doing the job right-and with love. He provided a dynamic and thoughtfully reflective model for our student body and showed us the artful and compassionate way he approached his life-both as a husband, daddy, police officer, and a man. May he have fair winds and following seas. Farewell Nathan, you were the best of us and your wisdom and generosity of spirit will reverberate through all you met served, helped and inspired. -Mr. Thomas

He was a very respectful man. He loved all the students and we got along so much. He impacted a lot of student’s lives and everyone loved him. We thank him for so many years of service he worked for Hueneme High School that he considered as his home and not just a school. RIP Officer Martin -Senior Cafe.