In Loving Memory of Officer Nathan Martin

Yahir Avalos, Contributor

Officer Martin was someone that every student at Hueneme High School looked up to. He impacted many lives in such an amazing way. Officer Martin had so much love for all the students. He cared so much about them. Officer Martin helped many students in difficult situations. He was a role model to many and more than just a mentor. He was a shoulder to anyone in need. Officer Martins legacy will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace Officer Martin. On behalf of the Viking Family, we love and miss you so much.


“Sorry for your loss, but Officer Martin made a huge impact on my life. He would always tell me, ‘Just be better, I want something better for you every day.’ He was an amazing person. He will be missed.” – HHS Student

“I remember last year, Officer Martin and I had a conversation about what sport I played. I told him and he said that he would like to see me play someday. I know he never got to see me play but his words had a big impact on me. He will always be remembered for his caring and respectful legacy.”-HHS Student

“Thank you, Officer Martin. You made many laughs and good memories with every Viking. Stay strong hero.” – HHS Student


”Officer Martin helped students with personal or family crises at home. He also assisted me when I had a court date over a student case.” – Mr. Sierra

” He was a respectful and outstanding man. He cared so much about everyone. He will be missed.” – David.

Officer Martin was such an amazing person. He did so much for all the students. I remember seeing him every Tuesdays and Thursdays at Oxnard High School when I would go to the law enforcement class. He was always looking after us and making us laugh. It sucks knowing we will no longer see him. We all miss him so much. Rest In Peace Officer Martin.