Officer Martin

Antonio Aguilera, Contributor

  • (Students)
  • On behalf of the Viking family we would like to open our hearts during this tremendous loss. Not many of us knew him personally but we knew that those people that did were lucky. Will never be forgotten.
  • Officer Martin was one of the few that understood us and wasn’t the first to point fingers. He treated all with respect and kindness. He will be greatly missed but always remembered, rest in peace.
  • I didn’t personally know him but you could feel how deeply everyone cared for him and the impact he made. He was very much loved and he’ll stay in our hearts.


  • (Teachers)
  • I was very sad when Officer Martin died. I was also very Impressed by the high level of respect shown by the students during the family procession it was a very many experience and touched my heart.
  • It is very sad hearing the tragedy that occurred, It was very heart breaking finding out the news and all my prayers go to his family.


  • (me)
  • It was sad to hear that Officer Martin had gotten into an accident and passed away. I didn’t really know him but I knew he made a big Impact to the school and to the students.