In Loving Memory’s of Officer Martin

Kinverly Garcia, contributor

Officer Martin, Thank you for making me feel safe at school and for being so positive, always smiling and always making everyone laugh. Not only were you an Officer but you were someone’s husband, dad, son, and a friend to many and they’re going through something so painful but I know you’re watching them from above. There was this one time where I got suspended and Officer Martin offered me a ride home because it was windy and I said “no I was ok because I was scared to go home” because I was scared of my mom and Officer Martin started laughing and said: “well let’s see if you keep getting suspended.” I will never forget him laughing and smiling. ~ Kinverly Garcia

Hueneme staff said,”Officer Martin was a funny, loving, amazing human being.” She was always working with him because she is the attendance lady and had to work with him. There was this one time where Officer Martin and she had to go to Cuesta to look for someone and she felt cool being in his car and looking for someone. She said that not only was he doing his job but he was always there for the students he even got along with the “homies.” She said that even the “homies” loved him and the “homies” would always look for him and would always talk to him or to just say wassup to him. ~ Hueneme staff

I was the last one to work with Officer Martin before he passed. It was always a fun time when I worked with him because he was such a funny guy. He had such a good sense of humor, cared a lot for the kids, and he was always there for the kids when they needed him. We worked together a lot but I can’t say anything because its work things. I had a lot of memories with Officer Martin. ~ Campus security.

A memory I have with Officer Martin is when I first got in a fight and he had to separate me to stop it and kept telling me it wasn’t worth fighting because it would just cause me problems and charges when I have a whole life ahead of me and have the opportunity to be successful. The next day Officer Martin called me up to talk to me about why I fought and got mad so easily, and I explained that its because I would get laughed at back in the days and I just started taking my anger out on people so he told me, “what is fighting to you?” I answered fighting for me meant when you feel disrespected and have the need to fight that person to have respect or else people in life will think that disrespecting you is fine and it’s not. That day I learned a lot from him because he taught me to keep my composure and not fight for respect but instead focus on what’s important, that is, EDUCATION, why? Because education will get you through life and fighting won’t. ~ from HHS student 

A memory I have with Officer Martin is my freshman year I got in a fight and caused out all the staff and Officer Martin named me “boca sucia.” He helped me a lot, he helped me when I was in a really bad place with family wise, school wise, he put me in a better place. To be more protected he was always there he kept me in check. He was different, he was real, and he wanted the best for me. We don’t all come from a good place. I was part of the ghetto and for him to see so much potential, I’m really thankful that he did that. There were so many times where he could have locked me up he could have given me a ticket etc. but he didn’t. A funny memory I had with him was when me and my friends we were stupid and we asked him for a ride home and I asked him if we can prank my mom and we did. He acted as if he arrested me and my mom came out with the chancla. It was so funny. Another good memory I have with him is he said when I graduate he was going to be very proud of me and he said he was going to have a face picture of me and was going to be the loudest to cheer for me. I remember passing periods I would always go to his office and talk to him. We talked about the struggles we had. He was like my best friend and a father figure I never had. I expect that is true for everyone else like Relphs, nutty, gooties, Kim, Hugo, Miguel, Rey, and the list goes on you know. He was the type of guy to joke around with you and see potential when you doubted yourself.  ~ Scarlet Ramirez

A memory that I had with Officer Martin was when I was a sophomore in high school I was walking in the hallway to go to my class when Officer Martin passed by I was a bit scared of him at that time but, he was like “Jennifer!” My heart was racing of how scared I was but he was like “how was your day?” I was like “good and you?” he said the same thing to me. After that, He was like “wherever you are heading you better not cause trouble,” he said jokingly. I was a bit shy I was like “oh okay have a good day Officer Martin see you around”, he was like “yes, yes I will.” He was very nice to me and would always greet me. He once scared me and he got scared too. I was going to the office when he came out of nowhere. I jumped and he was like “my bad.” He was like “hmm are you in trouble,” I was like “no, I am on my way to see my counselor,” he was “are you sure or are you going to the principal’s office? What did you do?” I was like nothing. He saw my face of fear and he started laughing and said,”its okay Jennifer, I know you didn’t cause trouble, if you did I would of went for you. I was tripping out of how scared I was but I knew he was just playing around. ~ Jennifer Fernandez