Interview on : Jennifer Victorio (my best friend)

Kinverly Garcia, contributor

1)What school did you graduate from?

* She graduated from Vista real and Oxnard College

2) What do you wanna be in the future and why?

*She wants to be social work because her passion is to help others and the community.

3)Do you like your current job if so why?

*She does like her current job because it helped her grow not only in the workforce but also as a person. She has learned so much working as an optometrist assistant.

4) What motivates you?

*What motivates her is her family. She is a very family-oriented person and so the family is extremely important to her. He

5)What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?

*Her favorite Starbucks drink is the Guava white ice tea. It is refreshing,perfect for anytime of the year. You guys should try it!!!

6)Where do you want your dream home to be at and why?

*She would want her dream house to be here local. she doesn’t see herself moving out of California, maybe not even out of the county. Oxnard is where she was born and raise and loves it here. Maybe Camarillo or Ventura, Thousand Okas is the furthest shell go. She would love to stay close to her family. Her dream house would not only be for herself but mainly for the woman who gave it all to her and her entire life, her mother.

7)Whos your favorite singer and why?

*Her favorite artist would have to be Tupac not only is he a rapper but also a poet. His legacy still lives to this day and his music has made tremendous impact. Tupac mentioned our Mexican community many times in his music. The fact that his name is recognized by almost anybody says it all.

8) What’s your favorite cloth brand and why?

*Her favorite cloth brands would be Hollister and Fashion nova. The reason she has two favorite brands is that she buys her jeans from Hollister and tops from fashion nova.

9) Do you go to school? why or why not?

*She doesn’t attend school at this moment but she just received her acceptance letter to CSUCI (California State University Channel Island).

10)Whos your celebrate crush and why?

*Her celebrate crush is Tupac but of course, at the age, he passed away. That is because she loves someone who is always motivated to keep going no matter what and that was Tupac PERIODT.