Why Coffee Is Bad For Anxiety

beautiful woman drinking coffee in the morning at home

valua vitaly

beautiful woman drinking coffee in the morning at home

Michael Avila, Contributor

Around the world people love to drink a cup of coffee in the morning to get their day started. Without thinking you pour yourself a cup of coffee, you go to work or you go to school, but have you ever thought what the possible effects of drinking coffee can cause to the brain in certain cases? Or read an article somewhere that drinking too much coffee is bad for you? Well studies show that the caffeine in coffee can actually cause an anxiety attack to people with existing anxiety disorders. Caffeine is a stimulant, and that does not pair with anxiety. The caffeine stimulates something called your “fight or flight” response and with the studies shown from scientists, that can actually make your anxiety worse. Drinking too much coffee will have you feeling, nervous, moody, and will keep you up all night. In short, if you are an anxious person you should probably lay off the caffeine and find more natural ways to help get you energized in the mornings.


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