Mood Swings

Kinverly Garcia, contributor

People deal with mood swings all the time like mine, for example, my moods change real quick I could be happy and having fun and one little thing gets me mad and I become so serious and start going off on people. Not everyone gets their mood swings because of they’re periods a lot of people just have mood swings. Mood swings happen if you’re stress, Hormone imbalances, or you’re pregnant. I get my mood swings because it’s just me I am bipolar, being bipolar isn’t fun because I can be having a good time and out of nowhere I start getting sad and I just shut down. How to control mood swings or bipolar is you either try to control it or you can take medication. To treat your mood swings you have to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sugar also you have to get better sleep. There is always therapy for people who have mood swings or bipolar people, therapy helps people who just need to be heard and get advice from someone.

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