The Reason Behind The NBA Logo

The Reason Behind The NBA Logo

Michael Avila, Contributor

The NBA was founded in June of 1946 by a group of businessmen that had owned several ice hockey arenas in the Northern United States and areas up in Canada, they had founded the Basketball Association of America (BAA). But have you ever wondered why they decided to make the NBA logo the way it is? Why did they decide to make NBA SuperStar Jerry West as the staple of basketball?

At the time in 1946, there consisted of 2 other leagues: the American Basketball League (ABL), and the National Basketball League (NBL) who were now their competition. After the BAA’s 3rd season, the BAA and the NBL had decided to merge companies and eventually create the National Basketball Association (NBA). In order to differentiate the NBA from other existing leagues they thought it would be a good idea to incorporate some type of logo.

The logo was designed by Alan Siegel (founder of a branding firm). He searched through many old sports magazines to be inspired until he landed on a picture of who was at the time an NBA superstar – Jerry West. He thought it captured the quick-paced style of the game perfectly. Thanks to the help of future superstars Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Magic Johnson being showcased they no doubt helped boost the image of the NBA and popularized the league and logo and help create what the NBA is today.

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