Facts about Janus Greek God


Jesus Castellanos, contributor

  • For centuries the Greeks occupied a permanent position to the south on the island of Sicily.
  • Symbolized both beginning and end.
  • His name was found even before Jupiter.
  • Janus was one of the earliest of the Roman deities.
  • He ruled alongside an early Roman king named Camesus.
  • He built a city on the west bank of the Tiber named Janiculum.
  • He ruled Latium peacefully for many years.
  • He was the custodian of the universe but, to all Romans, he was the god of the beginnings and the ends.
  • He was the gatekeeper of his kingdom and his symbols were staff or virga and a set of keys.
  • The first day of each month was considered sacred to him but the first month of the year, January, which many in the present day consider named in his honor, was actually named for Juno, queen of the gods.


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