How to become a Takuache

How to become a Takuache

Ramiro Avila, Contributor

To become a takuache you have to hang out with takuache’s. The only type of pants you can buy or wear is true religion pants,  your shoes they to be more than 15o.oo, and for shirts, they can be true religion or polo. Your truck has to be a Chevy Silverado and it has to be low and include bass speakers. The only three things that they love is drooped trucks, burnouts, and the truck meet life style. The part is that you always eat tacos at 1 or 2 in the morning. The only type of music they listen to is the new corridos. A taper with a size 4 on top that your haircut. You gotta say cuhh end of every sentence. The thing that hurts them is when they no quema cuhh. You gotta ask for your dad’s truck. Your mom will call and ask you that she wants her truck back. California truck invasion is the only truck that you have to go and you can’t miss out. You do a lot of burnouts in the parking lost and streets.

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