artificial nails


Brianna Flores, contributor

Acrylic nails are extensions placed over fingernails as fashion accessories. They were first developed in 1934 by a dentist named Maxwell Lappe.  There are six different types of shapes available when getting acrylic nails. Such as square, round, oval, almond, coffin, and stiletto. When getting acrylics you have a choice of length, shape, and color. When the acrylic is applied there will be a layer of glue connecting the acrylic to your natural nail. Then a layer of acrylic powder is applied. When it dries it will be filed down to reshape and smooth the nail down. Then the nail polish is added and if you choose to get gel it will be cured.

The average price for acrylic nails range from  $35 to $45 for a standard set. The cost may be brought up depending if the client would like add ons such a gel coat, powders, as well as designs it could be brought up to 50 $to 60$. Acrylic nails can last up to 2 weeks. Acrylics can be taken off by soaking in acetone to loosen then being pried off



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