My Experiences in Condor High School

Kinverly Garcia, contributor

My Freshman, Sophmore, and Junior year I was attending Hueneme High School never in a million years did I think I was going to have to go to independents studies. My Seiner year came and I was here for 2 weeks and my counselor called me up and we had a meeting with my mom in it. She had told me that I was behind too many credits and I wasn’t going to be able to graduate with my 2019 class. She was giving me the option to go to Frontier High School but my mom didn’t want me to go because it’s far from my house and I didn’t have a ride over there. I had talked to my mom and I had told her that I could have taken the bus but she still said no.

The other choose my counselor gave me was to go to independent studies either, to Vista Real or Condor. She was telling me that in vista, every packet was only one credit and in condor, every class was 5 credits, so if I wanted to finish faster I would have to do Condor. I told my mom that Condor would be faster and easier because I could take six classes and get 30 credits in a week and I could catch up with all my credits in a semester. So my counselor gave me all the paperwork and gave me the date I needed to go to the meeting with the Condor staff. I went to the meeting and they told me what teacher I had and told me what school I needed to go to.

I met my teacher, Mrs. Nguyen, here at Hueneme High School and she made me sign the paperwork, then I picked the days I wanted to stay which was on Tuesdays at 9:00 am. That same day Mrs.Nguyen gave me my classes and gave me my worksheet with all the homework I needed to do she also made me pick up some books I needed. Since then I would go every Tuesday turn in my work, I would also stay for 3 hours and take my test, I made up 205 credits, Condor would have field trips to colleges or universities and sometimes to museums. I had fun in Condor and if I could ill go back to Condor.

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