JanSport Backpacks


yahir avalos, contributor

Jansport backpacks were founded in 1969 in Seattle, Washington. They were created by Murray Pletz, his wife Janis “Jan” Lewis, and his father Norman Pletz. Jansport started by developing the external frame backpack which used a metal frame with a cloth packsack attached to it. Murray designed the backpack, and Jan did all the sewing. The company name was named after Janis Lewis when Murray asked her if it was okay with the name being like that and she said yes. JanSport has grown tremendously throughout the time and will Guarantee to fix your backpack for free.

JanSport first tested its backpacks in the mountains to see how durable and how it could hold up on yearly trips. Each year they go back up to the mountains with their backpacks to see how the can improve them.  JanSport provides many types of different backpacks. These backpacks were really just or hikers but many people like Young, old, students, or professionals.

Source: JanSport.com

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