Story Time: How I Got My First Two Tattoo

Kinverly Garcia, contributor

          It’s was October 28, 2018, we went on a trip to Riverside to meet my mom’s uncle and cousin. When we got there my mom’s cousin was getting tatted already, we were surprised. My mom’s cousin got 3 tattoos, my mom’s uncle got 2 tattoos, my uncle Oscar got 5 tattoos, my mom got 2 tattoos and my best friend got 2 tattoos, and the guy who was doing the tattoos thought he was done. My mom’s cousin started saying “I think we’re missing someone else” and everyone’s said,  “who, who” and my mom’s cousin turned to where I was and said “Kim’s missing, look at her she’s sad” but I wasn’t sad, I was watching TV. My mom looked at me and asked me if I wanted to get tatted. I looked at her with a big smile and said yes.

          Luckily my dad called my mom and I answered and asked him if I can get tatted, and he said if my mom and uncle let me then yes, so they both said yes so I started looking to see what I can get. Then I saw one that really caught my attention, it was a tattoo that said family in the shape of a heart but I also wanted a cross. The guy who did our tattoos said I can get two and charge me as if I was getting one big tattoo. I looked at my mom and she said it was fine, I also showed my uncle and he said it would be a good tattoo. My best friend was getting her tattoos cleaned while I was getting ready to go next, and my mom was telling me it was going to hurt but my uncle was telling me it wasn’t going to hurt but I didn’t care if it would or not hurt because I really wanted a tattoo.

          While the guy tattooing us was getting the ink and the machine ready, I was picking how big or small I wanted my cross to be and how I wanted my heart to look like. So the guy got the machine and I was really nervous but when he started it didn’t hurt as everyone was telling me it was going to hurt so I calmed down; although, the filling hurt the most.  Now I have a year with my tattoos and I am getting another tattoo for Christmas or in February with my mom and uncle again!

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