The Origin of Portable Music

The Origin of Portable Music

Kayvon Mosby, Contributor

Nowadays you can listen to music on your phone without any problems. It wasn’t always like that, years ago smartphones weren’t even a concept. You had to buy a music player to listen to music. Let’s go down to memory lane.

80’s Walkman and Cassette Tapes: Where it all started. Everyone had walkmans where they would play music from cassette tapes. From which you would buy them from your local music store for about 10 to 15 dollars.

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90s CD player: Now they have upgraded to CD Players where you would buy CDs and listen to the artist’s album.

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2000’s MP3 Players: Instead of buying CDs now you can download music from your computer. Some models might have different storage depending on what you buy.

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Now: Now you have the ability to listen to your music on your phone or tablet. The most popular music streaming apps are Apple Music and Spotify.

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We definitely have came a long way from what we used to listen to music. From buying walkmans to now using your phones. That was 30 years ago, imagine how it would change 30 years later.


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