After high school

After high school

Ramiro Avila , Contributor

After high school, my plans are to be working in construction. Construction is no easy at all but I know how the jobs in construction work.  There certain jobs in construction that you can do like concrete, plumbing, and much more. I’m going to be working in continue but alone learning more about it, in construction you always find something new about it. Mostly in everything you can learn more about it. Once I have like a good-paying bill and start saving money, I can finally decide on moving out. I don’t want to move out and not know what I’m doing. I want to figure out how it’s gonna be and how things are. Because I don’t want just move out not knowing what to do, it’s not gonna do me any good. I wanna start off small, I like I don’t wanna just buy a house right away, I want yo start off with an apartment then go for a house. If I do everything at once the end not gonna be pretty along the way. It’s always best to take things easy because come out more perfect not just taking everything quick. I also want to be I need a  good paying job because I like to go to Mexico every year. I want to keep the house so once my dad doesn’t go to Mexico no more can have it for myself. I want o to have a family once I’m ready and have everything figure out. I don’t want to have a kid and not have anything figured out.  I have seen people out there that have kids but don’t know what there going to do and then everything in their life falls apart for a while until they figure things out.

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