Shopping Online

Kinverly Garcia, contributor

There are good things about online shopping and there are bad things. The good things about online shopping are you can get free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money. You can get discounts if you find codes for whatever store you’re shopping for. Online you can also find good clothes that the stores might not have. You don’t have to buy only clothes online, you can buy makeup, shoes, glasses, and even things for your car or house. Things online can be found at a cheaper as well. I like shopping online because for me it’s easy to find clothes. I’ve bought jeans on the online store of Hollister and they are cheaper because they are 25 dollars and in stores they’re 50 dollars. I recently just did another purchase and  spent 62.45 dollars and got free shipping. They take approximately one week to  arrive which is not a bad deal.

One bad thing about shopping online is that you run the risk of not fitting into clothes that you purchase. Your package can also get lost anywhere around the state. People can steal your packages and say it’s theirs. There are also sites that can steal money from you. As an online shopper, you are vulnerable to receive even the wrong item.

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