Empire Mini GS


Antonio Aguilera, contributor

The Empire Mini GS paintball gun has caused a buzz in the paintball world. It is one of the best markers for both beginners and intermediate users in the market today. They managed to create an absolute beast in the Mini GS that is arguably the most cost-effective paintball gun you can acquire. The Empire Mini GS has shown tremendous success in the paintball play zone. It features an improved grip for more comfort you also get new features and several upgrades that show the technology Empire invested in this new model.

The Empire Mini GS is a quality speed-ball marker. Not much preparation is required to get the Mini GS firing. Straight from the package, it fires at around 275 ft p.s, but give it more time and you’ll be firing your balls at 293 ft p.s before you know it. It is better to take advantage of the 45/4500 HPA tank that allows you to shoot 100,000 paint-balls before you need to refill again. This will keep you going even when your rivals have run out of steam. Unlike the initial version, you won’t have to worry about the recoil.

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