Snowboarding Facts

Cesar Rangel, contributor

Snowboarding is a winter activity that many people love to do. Some do it as a recreational activity, others do it as a profession such as Shaun White, who has 3 Olympic gold medals and is known for having the most X-games gold medals (16) and Olympic gold medals as a snowboarder. Snowboarding was inspired by skateboarding, sledding, skiing, and surfing. Here are some facts about Snowboarding:

  • snowboarding used to be called snurfing when it was first created by a man named Sherman Poppen.
  • It is less dangerous skiing.
  • the most flips on a snowboard were 4 on a single jump
  • first became an Olympic sport in 1998 at the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan
  • 27.4% of injuries happen in snowboarding during the Olympics meaning 1 out of every 4 people get injured
  • 73% of snowboarders are under the age of 25 and 51% are under the age of 17.
  • was banned at resorts in the 1980s



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