The Legend Of Pascualita


Marisol Gonzalez , contributor

Pascualita isn’t any kind of mannequin, she is the daughter of the previous owner of the store. One day she was looking for a wedding dress and there was one dress that she loved. Pascualita died from a black widow spider bite just before her wedding. When Pascualita passed away her mother decided to put her wedding dress on a mannequin.

Her mother placed the mannequin in the store’s window. Pascualita made her first appearance on March 25th, 1930 in the store named Pascualita- Novias, Quinceañeras y Accesorios. Pascualita has lived in the store window for over 80 years. 

The store is located in Chihuahua, Mexico. When people walk by the store they are struck on how real Pascualita looks. Pascualita’s skin, hands, seemingly varicose veins, and hair look very real. There are even rumors that Pascualita changes her position when no one is looking.  When Pascualita went missing for a few days people were wondering where could she have gone? When she appeared again at the window, people saw her dress dirty from the bottom. 


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