Why Athletic Trainers Are So Important

Cesar Rangel, contributor

Injuries can occur anytime anywhere. Every year 2.9 million injuries happen, 1/3 of them happen in sports. Although some are considered “minor” others are fatal. In American Football, there are 12 deaths a year due to brain injuries, heatstroke, and heart conditions. Trainers provide so much information and help so many athletes stay healthy when playing sports. Yet, there are schools that don’t have enough money to have an athletic trainer. In every collegiate/professional sport, it is almost standard to have an athletic trainer.

Around 40% of schools in the United States have an athletic trainer. Some schools that have an athletic trainer have a 3% chance for re-injury to occur, while those who don’t have a 60% chance. This is because trainers know what steps to take in recovery to allow athletes to return and play. They also help with cost and time because they save unnecessary visits to the doctors or to the hospital by figuring out what the problem is right then and there.  The most frequent injury among school sports is concussions. Trainers ensure that the concussions could be detected earlier so that the athlete can begin to recover. These people have to pass clinical and educational proficiencies and have to go through the National Athletic Trainers Association to become a trainer. 70% of trainers have a master’s degree and all must have a bachelor’s degree in order to become a one.

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