Acrylic Nails

Kinverly Garcia , Contributor

Getting your nails done may seem nice and you may love how your set comes out but do you ever think how bad it is to get our nails done? You can get your nails done once in a while but to get them done often can really damage your natural nails. Acrylic nails make your nails very sensitive and vulnerable to pain. After many sets of acrylics,  your nails can become very itchy which means that you have become allergic to the products used in nail salons. Acrylics can be split nail plates and cause pain.

When taking off acrylics, even more damage can be done to the natural nails since we tend to pull back/sideways the false nail  in order to remove it.  Acrylics can be super expensive since it has become in trend. Most salons charge for every little thing such as: the length , the shape of the acrylic nail, for the type of nail polish, and the designs. Constant sets of acrylic nails can severely damage one’s natural nails.

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