The Story of Estefania Gutierrez

Jessica Palomares , Contributor

The story of Estefania was inspired to make the Spanish film called “Veronica.” Estefania was a regular girl at the age of 15 she lived in Vallecas. Estefania performed a seance and became possessed by a demon that tormented her for months.  Estefania’s parents think that their daughter played the Ouija board at her high school. After playing the Ouija Board Estefania would hallucinate, she would see dark figures at night, she described the dark figures as “evil,” she then began to have seizures. Estefania passed away in Agust in 1991 at a hospital in Vallecas. After Estefania passed away the hauntings that would happen at her house continued to torment her family for about a year. According to the police, on the day that Estefania experienced a lot of paranormal activity, they said that the house got wrecked especially Estefania’s room. Then after a long time of torment, that the family Gutierezz went threw they finally moved out of their Vallecas home and never made a report to the police.

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