Giant Sequoia Trees

Giant Sequoia Trees

Cesar Rangel, contributor

Sequoia trees or Sequoiadendron giganteum is the sole living Sequoiadendron and is one of the 3 species of coniferous trees which includes redwoods and Sequoiadendron subspecies. They can grow up to 50 -85 meters (150-280 ft) and 5-7 m (16-23 ft) in diameter. The giant sequoia has the thickest bark on earth.  Some trees have bark as thick as 2 feet thick, which protects them from forest fires as it slows the fire from the wood. The Giant Sequoia depends on forest fires to regenerate or grow because when a tree catches fire, the cones open up and drop the seeds on the nutrient-rich ash. This is because of all the brush or other small shrubbery has been burned and cleared, which leaves the saplings space to grow. They are also resistant to diseases, this is because of chemical compounds that protect from certain fungi and also insects. Giant sequoia tree seeds are very small, to scale, 91,00o seeds weigh 1 pound. The sequoia tree drops around 300,000-400,000 a year. There is a tree called the President, which is estimated to be 3,200 years old. If you were to go and visit these giants, they are located along the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.



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