U.S. Army Takes Starting To Developing Smart Gun Technology

U.S. Army Takes Starting To Developing Smart Gun Technology

Zack Rogers, Contributor

Gun control advocates have lobbied for the development of so-called “smart gun” technology as a way to make guns safer. Now the U.S. Army has put the Idea into play. According to a report, the Army has solicited bids for high-tech battlefield solutions that could put a computer system into a soldier’s firearm. Dimensional Weapons Systems is among the companies developing a smart gun, and it is working on a technology that would allow the weapon to only be fired by a certain shooter’s hand. To accomplish this, the company has been developing a blockchain-based system that is similar to cryptocurrencies. Melvic Smith, the company’s principal owner, said his goal is to create an embedded operating system within the gun itself. Any solution developed by the military could eventually be used in commercial firearms as well – not to make them more accurate, but perhaps to satisfy those calls to make a safer gun. King added that such technology could trickle down to consumers, opening a secondary market for the contractors that developed the technology. “If development efforts are successful, gun makers might finally be willing to offer smart guns for consumer use.”


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