Gym Pet Peeves

Mark Martin, contributor

There aren’t many things that bother me at the gym, but here are a few that bother me the most.

  • One thing that I strongly dislike is when people don’t wipe down benches after sweating profusely on them.
  • I also dislike when people do not rack/put away the equipment after using them.
  • Another thing I hate is when the gym is packed and crammed with an abundance of people.
  • One thing that I strongly hate is when people are at the gym doing absolutely nothing and taking up space.
  • I also dislike when people take the equipment and instead of using it they are on their phone.
  • I hate with a passion when people go to the gym just to socialize and are being overly loud and obnoxious.
  • I disfavor when people go to the bathrooms just to stay in there and take pictures of themselves.
  • One thing that I dislike but not as much as the rest is having random people going up to me and telling me what I should be doing.
  • I hate it when people leave their gym bag in between benches.
  • Another pet peeve that I don’t mind as much as the rest is when people don’t wear deodorant.


  • If the benches are left unsanitized you can get ringworm.     
  • Leaving your bags in between benches can result in someone tripping over them.
  • When people take their time and just sit there without being productive, it takes more time out of my day and for others.