Hueneme vs Nordhoff Recap


Cesar Rangel, contributor

The Hueneme Vikings faced the Nordhoff Rangers at their own home field for their last game of the season. The game started at 7:00 pm, many people had come to see the game. It was the last game for the Hueneme Vikings, as it was also their homecoming game and senior night. Before the game started around 6:20, there was a large ceremony for the graduating seniors for it was there last high school football game. The game had begun and immediately the Rangers were off to a go start. Like the games before, the Hueneme defense was atrocious. They were getting beat almost every play. Although the Vikings defensive line got a push the Rangers offensive line was holding almost every play. The Ranger had a field day running the ball, as the defense had trouble tackling them. When the 1st quarter ended, the score was 7-17. Hueneme seemed as if they lost all hope, which they did after Nordhoff ran up the score on them. Hueneme’s quarterback was having an awful day, he threw multiple interceptions for touchdowns. It had made the Vikings frustrated, this is because their offensive line was having a phenomenal game, blocking anyone they can, making way for their runners, just for the quarterback and the receivers to be lazy and ruin the offensive drives. After the game ended it was 58-15, with the Rangers winning and moving to the playoffs with ease and Hueneme ends their season 3-7. Although the Vikings had lost, they didn’t lose their school spirit and had a great time at their homecoming the next day.


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