An interview with Kayvon Mosby


Michael Avila , Contributor

Today I am going to interview “The Man, the Myth, the Legend” Kayvon Mosby. He’s a senior here in Hueneme High and a member of the Varsity basketball team.

How would you describe your time here in Hueneme from your freshman year to senior year?

“It’s been a good experience, I’ve met new people, tried new things, and got to play basketball here as well.”


What first made you want to play basketball?

“I have always been interested, but I never thought I could make the team. So I tried it and made the team every year.”


What’s your favorite memory or moment when you were a kid?

“My favorite memory when I was a kid, I went to Six Flags over Texas for my 6th grade Grad Nite because it was the last fun thing I did before I moved.”


Are you going to win the school a championship when you make this year’s basketball team?

“Who knows? I’m don’t want to say anything right now since anything can happen.”


What worries you the most about your future?

“I think what I worry most about my future is going down the wrong path by making one bad decision.”


If today was your last day on earth, what would be the first thing you would do?

“I would probably go to Golf N Stuff for my last day since I want to have funĀ  with my family as well.”


What do you love about life?

“Just knowing that I am doing the best I can for me and my family at the end of the day.”