My Relationship Story

Ramiro Avila , Contributor

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One afternoon I was on my phone scrolling through Instagram, while I was scrolling I saw a beautiful girl that I fell in love with. I would always see her pictures, but I didn’t text her because I was to shy to talk to her. The following week I went to Mexico, but when I came back a couple of months later I was like you know what I’m going to text so I texted her. We talked for a while and we became good friends. We saw each other at a party because I invited her to go and when I walked inside the door I saw her I got happy and shy. I was shy to walk up to her and, while I was dancing she bumped into me, had the biggest smile ever. There was a time when I was looking to dance with her but I couldn’t find her because she left early. I was sad that I couldn’t dance with her that night. The following week we saw each other at our soccer game we\e hanged out for a bit after the game and we talked about stuff, and it was really good to talk to her. I would say things that I wouldn’t when I date her, even though she wasn’t my girlfriend yet I still image her as my girlfriend. She asked me to go to a party with her and I said yes. We left the park and I went home really excited because the girl that I really love asked me to go to a party with her. We meet up at the party, on my way there I was really excited to spend my night with her. We had a great time, we danced the whole night together. Having her in my arms was a great feeling because I know at that moment she was the one I want to be with and spend the rest of my life with. Before she left she hugged me and I kept falling more and more in love with her. I was all sad when she left but the good part is that I had an amazing time with her. After the party, I went to go eat with some friends, when I was eating she told me to get my butt home, at that moment I knew she is a keeper. Once I got home I missed her like crazy and the next day she went to go watch me play, I felt so happy because the love of my life is watching me play. The thing that sucked was that we didn’t see each other until Saturday and Sunday like I wanted to see her every single day. That Saturday from that week we went to a party and we were dancing, when she looked up and I was looking down I saw I had the chance I took it and I kissed her.  After that night I told myself that I’m all hers. The next week we went to another party we had an amazing time, danced all night like always when we went home I asked her out on text message but she told me that she wanted to tell her in person so it can be more meaning full. The next day on Sunday she went to my game with her family and after my game, we hanged out and we had time to be alone so then there was my chance to ask her out so then that when I asked her and she said yes. At that moment I felt like I was already married to her how much I’m in love with her. Ever since I saw her picture and all those times we hang out and everything I always loved her and cared about her. She’s truly my everything if it wasn’t for her I don’t what I would be right now. She’s the one who taught me good and the bad stuff and she fixed me up, but he only thing that she wants to see from me is to do good in school, and be ready for the future because I want to have the best future with her. I’m doing my best to keep her happy and shes the reason why I wake up every morning want to do better each day. She’s my best friend she’s always there for me when I need her and also she knows everything about me. She really looks out for me, shes does everything for me and will be the one that I’m going to marry.

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